Rhez Trost

A mandalorian warrior of questionable morals


Rhez stands tall with an athletic build, blond hair and blue eyes. A scar over his right eye and a tattoo of mandalorian origin. Though few know of this as he rarely takes of his armor.


When Rhez, of Clan Trost was young his father expected a lot from him and he did what he could to meet his fathers expectations.
When Rhez was about 10, his father took him out of the Imperial Academy on Mandalore to train him, himself. There were many that did not like the idea and he was looked down on all over mandalore.
When his 12th birthday came around his father took him hunting, the hunt was not what Rhez thought it would be, he was suppose to beat an old friend off his Jake. His father told Rhez that if he would not do it or finish the task then he would make sure that Rhez would feel sorry for not doing it.

When the day came Rhez meet jake out in an old mine his father used to train him in, he said nothing to him instead just charged him and Rhez doesn’t remember a lot after that, when he came to Jake was stuck on a steel bar on the wall when he checked if Jake was still alive and all he got was just an unnerving stared at Rhez as if Jake had seen a demon, while Rhez went away without a single bruise.
His father told him that he did good, however he had a hint off fear in his voice, that was the first day Rhez felt that his time with his father was coming to an end.

Then the day came 4 years after leaving what had happened in the mine behind. Rhez made a plan to take his fathers gun and armor and make them his own.
During the night he went into his fathers bedroom where he was sleeping, Rhez started to pack his fathers and his own things, the armor and weapons. When he was leaving his father jumped him, must have woken up while Rhez was packing.
Rhez’s father did not have a hard time overpowering Rhez throwing him across the room and against a wall. When Rhez charged him in anger this time he does remember. The power he felt was amazing, his fathers felt underwhelming in comparison as he took his fathers sword and disemboweled him.
Leaving his father to bleed to death, Rhez knew he needed to figure out this power inside of himself and understand were it came from and how to use it.

Its has been many years since that day and Rhez has found work for a man with his skills. Loosing count off how many lives he has taken and he don’t believe it matters. Now he will keep trying to figure out what it is lingering inside himself waiting for the chance to come out.

He now travels with the crew of the () and sees were his journey will take him.

Rhez Trost

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