Nemro The hutt

The ravenous and ruthless ruler of Nar Shaddaa


Obese even by Hutt standards, Nemro has a lightly grey colored underbelly with a dark grey-purple skin color. With large yellow-green eyes that seem to radiate a voracious hunger and greed, he floats lazily on a large hover bench.


A ruthless and supremely paranoid Hutt that lives in opulent and lavish surroundings in fortified palaces in out of the way places on Nar shaddaa. Spending his time carving out his territory on the moon, which happened to be the largest territory on the moon.

When Gavin attempted assassination failed due to Nemro’s sheer paranoia, The hutt didn’t wait long and activated the agents and mercenaries he had on stand by to wipe out his competition and take over the moon. Keeping the Imperial presence occupied with a mercenary team posing as rebels sabotaging one of the three Star destroyers in orbit of the moon and bringing it down as Nemro swept through the Nar shaddaa underworld.

He’s currently conducting an investigation to find out who attempted the assassination though he strongly suspects Mike and Gavin.

Nemro The hutt

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