Dexie D'magren

The most Successful pirate queen in the outer rim


Dexie stands tall and proud, with long flowing locks of white hair and a toned athletic build. Usually seen wearing almost revealing outfits that exhibits her looks while also being deceptively protective.


Through her yearly years Dexie spent most of it on Tatooine living in the slums as an orphan. Through many scrapes and hardships, some of whom shared with Mike She grew up relatively safe until both turned sixteen years of age.
It was during this time that Dexie had come into her body as a woman and Zeltrons are considered to be among the more beautiful species in the galaxy. A visiting guest of Jabba’s saw her and petitioned to Jabba to have her as a slave to finish their dealings, something Jabba was quite willing to do though he made sure it couldn’t be traced back to him.


For five long years she was abused and beaten as the Man wanted to make her submissive to him and serve him as a slave should. She however resisted him at every turn and her will only grew stronger as she took to the teachings she was to learn, in both being a sophisticated slave as well as a bodyguard by feigning her submission to the man after four long months, though he still abused and beat her.
Trained in Teräs Käsi and a variety of weapons, exotic or otherwise, such as whips, knifes as well as some of the personal weapons in the mans collection.


When the time was right Dexie utilized the whip she had been given to choke the man to death aboard his personal marauder corvette as the man had ordered a personal dancer to be replaced.
The man wasn’t liked by the corvette’s crew and his death wasn’t mourned or avenged by anyone on the ship, however a battle for supremacy as the vessels new captain ensued and through a brutal series of debates and outright conflict Dexie’s right to rule was deemed absolute.
The Corvette was then renamed the Nexus Fangs and an illustrious and lucrative career in piracy began. She grew so influential she had a small fleet under her command and was even invited to become one of Jabba’s allies in his cartel, though she made it clear she would only deal with him, not serve him.

Still holding some of her younger years playfulness when she met Mike once more, she played a small prank on him by stealing the () and putting it into a hangar they used to play in as children as well as give him the dead to it.

Dexie D'magren

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