Arthur Owens

A bounty hunter with experience


Arthur is a well built man with medium length black hair and memorable blue eyes. He’s a man getting on in years and looks like he’s close to reaching his fifth decade though the fresh scar over half his face discredits that a little.


When Arthur was younger, he had a thirst for adventure and to see the sights the galaxy
had to offer. The thought of how it truly ended up as never crossed his mind.
Growing up in a protective enviroment on Ord mantell and applying to the galactic republic’s defense force on the hunt for adventure and stories.
With his sight set on being a pilot, due to the reputation of fly boy’s getting all the chicks. Failing that he headed to become an officer in the galactic marines but that too he failed to achieve. His story seemed to be pre-written.

Still managing to stay in the military for five years he ended up becoming a mechanic under and idiot that couldn’t even be responsible for those under him and wasn’t very liked by the squad. One day Arthur snapped and almost killed him.
Dragged before a military court and he found out the reason the man was an officer, he was quite a good kisser of ass apparently, it was due to this that Arthur was condemned to death. Fortunately Arthur knew a few people with skills that he didn’t even know about that broke him out. It was a pair of twins that Arthur regrets not having more contact with but he lost all contact he had up to that day.
Last he had heard of them, one of the twin’s had died in some firefight with the rebellion, the karking rebellion, the other seems to be a high ranking officer in the Emprie but the odds of meeting him are zero given Arthurs status.
He doubts he even remembers him. When it comes to the man Arhtur attacked, it seemed he died of his wounds.

After he escaped he went to do odd jobs for those that paid, one way or another, and ended up using these jobs to buy a license to kill, or rather the bounty hunters license. It’s the worst think one can do but what one does to fuel ones addiction to not live ones nightmares. The best thing is that he doesn’t owe anyone anything except the one who saved him and he’ll be eternally grateful to him.

During one of his jobs he hooked up with the crew of the () and has fallen into the same troubles as them.

Arthur Owens

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