A mysterious droid from almost a Millennium ago.


An old droid of humanoid design that seems to have survived remarkably well through it’s long life. It’s inner chassis a strange tan-brown color as it’s outer chassis of Durasteel has corroded away. It’s designs is inherently of an intimidating protocol chassis.


Not much is know about this droid by the Crew, other than almost 80% of it’s code is too advanced to even be read by the ships mechanic. What is known is that the droid is at the very least centuries old and it’s last master is only notified as “Deceased”.
The programming readable by the mechanic suggests and entirely protocol droid programming with something called “Derision” Protocols which the mechanic promptly excluded himself from as well as put himself in as the droids new master.

It is yet unknown what the droids original purpose was.


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