A Twi'lek scoundrel working for Jabba as a lower ranked member of his cadre.


A Young yet Athletically built Twi’lek Male of a blue skin coloring. A chiseled jaw line with a small soul patch at his chin is one of his most distinguishing features as well as his armored chest plate he usually wears for his own protection.


A low ranking thug in Jabba’s cartel that has had a run of bad luck as of late when it came to the tasks required of him. During the last job he was knocked out by competition of another hutt trying to get in on some of Jabba’s business.

Saved by the crew of the () during the job, after being knocked out by those intent on stealing the goods he was ordered to deliver. However due to having been left in the blaring sun and beaten left him in a haze and caused a large misunderstanding as he woke up to see Mike standing over him and grabbed a knife and ran after him in an attempt to protect himself.

However after the misunderstanding was resolved in a tense situation brought up by Rhez, Pew’Vara grew thankful for the crew for helping him finish his job as his uncle was a friend of Bib Fortuna and had gotten him the job in Jabba’s Cartel that way.

He is a budding ally of the ()‘s crew and hopes to help them in some way, especially with Mikes current troubles. He won’t however put his neck out for them as he can’t afford it at all with his own unsteady situation with Bib’s currently unfavorable opinion of him.


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