Jabba The Hutt

One of the most notorious Hutt crime lords in the galaxy.


As most hutts who are gastropods, Jabba has a large slug like body with two almost stubby arms protruding from his massive body. Though like most Successful Hutts, Jabba is an obese hutt with a Green-Tan almost Brown skin tone and two enormous Orange-yellow-red eyes that he observes his opulent domain with.
His voice is booming and full of authority, though he’s usually seen lazying about on top of his large throne in his palace.


Jabba had started as a small crime lord, but quickly spread his influence into a variety of illegal activities, including spice-smuggling, gunrunning, slavery, and sometimes outright piracy. Known for his cruelty and carnal fancies, Jabba the Hutt is powerful enough to command respect and payment from the Galaxy’s ruling governments, so much so that during the Clone Wars the Republic went to great lengths to avoid Jabba’s displeasure.
He recently placed a hefty death mark on Han Solo, a former employee of his, after Solo lost a load of spice to an Imperial patrol vessel and didn’t deliver his payment as promised after the destruction of the death star.

While his Ire with Han Solo is quite severe he still runs his vast empire as usual however as Mike had just gotten to prove himself capable of gaining Jabba’s Fondness for him the humans penchant to ruin things has caused him to be almost as hated in Jabba’s eyes as Han solo is.
The event that sparked this distaste for Mike was when he kneecaped and then proceeded to kill when confronted about it, an honored guest of Jabba’s and prospective partner in the secretive Slave market orbiting Shola.
The Fondness Mike had earned from Jabba on previous jobs was traded in for Jabba not feeding Mike to his pet Rancor, or worse Jabba personally eating the human male.

Jabba The Hutt

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