Agent Harlov Jarnek

An Intelligent and talented ISB Agent


A well groomed, bearded man with Chestnut hair and piercing green eyes. Standing tall and disciplined in all mannerisms and speaks in a calm and intelligent manner. Well dressed in the garb of the Intelligence Security bureau of the empire.


During his younger years Harlov grew up on Coruscant while the Clone wars raged around him in the galaxy. With a want to join into the war and fight the separatists he was deprived of that opportunity when the clone wars so abruptly ended and the empire took the place of the Republic.
Joining an Imperial Academy for military personnel and quickly his talents as not only a soldier but commander and tactician as well. Fast forwarded into officers courses and after that put into the stormtrooper corps for combat training.
For six years Harlov served as an officer in the stormtrooper corps before being promoted into the intelligence security bureau and has served as a very dedicated and effective ISB agent. His most prominent tactic is to capture a crew of smugglers and through subtle manipulations get them to work for him with jobs that contradict one another given to various members of said crews to see if they tear one another apart or become indentured to him.

A tactic he attempted with the Crew of the (), however he failed to do so not only out of little time to prepare and little information on each member of the crew. Though the task of eliminating Nemro the hutt given to Gavin seemed to have succeed at first the subsequent days proved otherwise and it cost Agent Jarnek his base of operations aboard a star destroyer as well as loss of faith in his abilities.

Due to this he has sworn to get revenge on the Crew of the (), though he has been stationed elsewhere at the moment to prove his abilities haven’t stagnated in his stale job of security over Nar shaddaa for the past year.

Agent Harlov Jarnek

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